Who Is The Best Body Shop In North Carolina?

Best of the best

When you’re researching for a “North Carolina auto repair shop,” an interesting thing will happen. The first few results will pull up tons of “best of” lists from websites such as Yelp and Carwise. You may not have even been looking up lists but that’s what you got: lists upon lists.

As someone who is researching where to get your car repaired in North Carolina, what makes an auto body shops gain a spot on one of the “best of” lists? Can a repair be accurately evaluated, solely based on these reviews? There might be some things a person wrote in a negative review that they were unaware is part of the repair process and therefore, is more misguided than anything. At the same times, reviews are like your detective providing you valuable information about a business. 

Repair First, Then Review

Taking your car to be repaired somewhere that is up-to-date on the latest repair procedures and has highly trained technicians are the most important aspects of car repair. Car repair is not the same as it was even just five years ago. In fact, it requires skilled technicians to have extensive training and researching any new repair procedures your car’s manufacturer may have released before they begin any repair.

However, the state of North Carolina doesn’t require technicians to be licensed to perform a repair. This means they can do whatever they want to your car and not have any requirements to follow, despite what the manufacturer tells them. An incorrect repair can cause more harm than good for your car and can increase the risk of getting in an accident. It can also cause the advanced safety features your car is equipped with to no longer function properly.  

So, how do you know if the “best” really is the best?

The Problem With Being “The Best” 

The number one problem with the numerous “best of” lists is that it’s not determined based on what the technicians, or even the body shop itself, are doing. As mentioned above, the manufacturer of your car creates strict repair procedures for every vehicle, known as “OEM repair procedures.” OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” and they are straight from the factory.

The One and Only Ways Cars Should Be Repaired 

Your car’s manufacturer releases these OEM repair procedures for technicians to follow because that is the only way your vehicle should be repaired. Any other way and your vehicle’s safety and structural integrity will be severely damaged. As mentioned above, improper car repair can cause your vehicle’s built-in safety features to no longer work. These are commonly referred to as ADAS.

In case you didn’t know, ADAS stands for “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.” Some of the most common features you’ll see in an ADAS system are: 

Blindspot detection 

Lane departure assistance 

Forward collision warning 

Rearview Camera 

Collision avoidance system 

If your ADAS system gets damaged in a collision, it can only be repaired following the OEM repair procedures. Anything less would be due to the negligence of a body shop having its technicians be current on the latest repair procedures. This is a severe problem and can put you at risk for injury or getting involved in an accident. This is why you must do some research into why a body shop made it on one of the “best-of” lists compared to another body shop. 

Why Choose Us

Here at Statesville Collision Center, we are committed to providing North Carolina drivers with the highest level of collision repair they deserve. Our team of technicians is all I-CAR Gold Class certified, which only about 10% of auto repair shops achieve. This means that our technicians have received the highest level of training and know what it means to repair your car the right way. We are always checking OEM repair procedures and know what it takes to give you the best possible repair out there!

Our motto is, “we may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family!” This is because we genuinely care about North Carolina drivers receiving the highest level of repair possible for their vehicle.

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