Caliber Collision VS. Statesville: Who Do You Choose? 

Customer and mechanic

It’s been nearly a decade since a group of private investors discovered that investing in auto body repair shops would make them a lot of money. Customers would always need collision repair, regardless of how advanced vehicles might get over the years. Plus, insurance companies pay for the repairs, and that would eliminate any cash flow issues. 

The deal between large body shops and investment firms was made, and from there, the investors went on a country-wide purchasing spree. They went to smaller body shop owners who were about close down their shops and acquired those in a method known as “consolidation.”

Fast forward to 2018: two of the biggest consolidators created a high production body shop chain that has well over a thousand different locations across the nations. Naturally, insurance companies heard about this and wanted in on the action in an attempt to save money on repairs by sending more of their customers to these high production body shops. Everyone involved would benefit from this deal: insurance companies, investors, and body shops. Everyone would benefit except for an essential part of car repair, the customer. 

We’re here to explain the real difference between high production body shops and independent body shops like us, Statesville Collision Center

The Reality 

Getting your car repaired is never fun and can be incredibly stressful. Your insurance company knows this and promises you that you’ll get your car back as soon as possible. However, this is not without a catch. They want to spend as little money as possible and are continually pressuring body shops to stick to a sometimes unrealistic deadline. Car repair is exceptionally complex and requires technicians to be trained to know how to repair your car properly. If they are under the gun to work faster, technicians will often cut corners in the process. As a result, your safety is jeopardized, and your car will never be the same. 

No More Personalized Attention 

One of the best parts of getting your car repaired at an independent body shop is the personalized attention you receive. At one of these body shop chains, there is no such thing as personalized attention. You’re no longer a customer but merely a number in line. This type of service makes you wonder if someone caring about your car repair is a thing of the past. 

Thankfully, they’re not, and you get to decide where you get your car repaired. That choice is in your hands, not your insurance company’s. 

Faster Doesn’t Always Mean Better. 

As mentioned above, these national body shop chains are under a contract from insurance companies to perform faster repairs at a specific budget. As a result, these shops are notorious for sloppy repairs and incorrectness of the overall process. They’ll cut corners in the repair process to save time and money. They run on the philosophy that the faster the repair = more money from the insurance companies. 

However, these high production body shops often have to buy back cars because of poorly performed repairs. The “repaired” vehicle is considered a total economic loss. This happens when the cost to repair the vehicle exceeds the overall value of the car. We wish we could say this only happens on rare occasions, but it happens more than you think. 

Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority, Or Is It? 

When an auto body shop cuts corners in the repair process in the name of saving time and money, they’re also putting your safety at risk. Your car’s manufacturer releases repair procedures known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) repairs. OEM repairs instruct the technicians exactly how a repair should be done. The way cars are manufactured today means more complex repairs, which will take longer. The best body shops know to look up OEM repair procedures for your vehicle because they are the safest and highest quality. A body shop chain will often neglect these procedures and will perform the same type of repair for every car that comes into the shop. 

Where In North Carolina Can I Take My Car To Be Repaired The Right Way? 

Here at Statesville Collision Center, we are committed to providing North Carolina drivers with the highest level of collision repair they deserve. Our team of technicians is all I-CAR Gold Class certified, which only about 10% of auto repair shops achieve. This means that our technicians have received the highest level of training and know what it means to repair your car the right way. We are always checking OEM repair procedures and know what it takes to give you the best possible repair out there!

Our motto is, “we may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family!” This is because we genuinely care about North Carolina drivers receiving the highest level of repair possible for their vehicle.

Feel free to give us a call at (704)-881-0410. If you’d like to schedule an estimate or get an online quote, we’re more than happy to help out! We offer these on our website to make the car repair process as stress-free as possible!

We look forward to hearing from you!