The Real Difference Between Repair Estimates

No one ever said that car repair would be a stress-free experience. And if they did, chances are it either came from someone who hasn’t had car repair in awhile or your insurance company appearing as your advocate in collision repair. The truth is: your insurance company does know how what an inconvenience it is for you to have your car repaired. However, they want the cheapest and the best repair possible. What you may not realize is there is a major difference between a $600 repair estimate and a $6,000 repair estimate. And no, we’re not talking about the cost.  

What Is A Repair Estimate? 

So, what exactly is a repair estimate? When it comes to car repair, an estimate is simply a starting point of what needs to be done in the repair process. Keep in mind that a repair estimate will differ from the repair plan, which will be an itemized list of things that need to be done in the repair process. An accurate repair plan can’t be created until your car is taken apart and a technician looks inside. Think of a doctor needing to perform surgery on his patient. He wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate diagnosis unless he read your X-Rays, MRI, etc. Symptoms are only part of it, just like the exterior damage is only part of your car repair.

Difference In Repair Costs

That brings us back to the difference between your $600 and $6000 repair estimate. Believe it or not, the $600 estimate is probably done by a tech walking around your car with a clipboard, checking off boxes, and calculating a number based on that checklist. That “repair estimate” is nothing more than a guess of what will need to be done to your car, especially since it hasn’t been taken apart yet. Those shops will usually call you back, letting you know what else has to be done, increasing the cost of that bill more and more. 

Sound familiar? This is why there is something known as a supplement.

What Is A Supplement? 

If your car repair needs a supplement, the body shop will send the request to your insurance company and hold off on any repair until the supplement is approved. This can take anywhere from days to a week, especially if the insurance adjuster needs to inspect the car before they give the shop the approval for the repair. 

Overall, the real difference between repair estimates comes down to one that was created after taking apart your car and one that was made just by looking at your car. Prices in car repair will almost always change, as things always come up in the repair process. The biggest thing you want is to make sure you take your car to a repair shop that knows what they are doing and provides you with a thorough, accurate estimate.

Where In North Carolina Can I Get My Car Repaired?

Here at Statesville Collision Center, we are committed to providing North Carolina drivers with the highest level of collision repair they deserve. Our team of technicians is all I-CAR Gold Class certified, which only about 10% of auto repair shops achieve. This means that our technicians have received the highest level of training and know what it means to repair your car the right way. We are always checking OEM repair procedures and know what it takes to give you the best possible repair out there!

Our motto is, “we may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family!” This is because we genuinely care about North Carolina drivers receiving the highest level of repair possible for their vehicle.

Feel free to give us a call at (704)-881-0410. If you’d like to schedule an estimate or get an online quote, we’re more than happy to help out! We offer these on our website to make the car repair process as stress-free as possible!

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