Why Not Every North Carolina Body Shop Knows How To Repair Your Toyota

At Statesville Collision Center, we know a good repair is much more than using the latest tools and equipment. It’s about being up-to-date on the most recent repair procedures released by your car’s manufacturer, like Toyota, to guarantee your vehicle is repaired the way it should.

Honda’s New Position On Scanning: What North Carolina Drivers Need To Know

When it comes to repairing any Honda or Acura that comes into our shop, Honda insists on for any of its cars is they get a diagnostic scan before and after any repairs are made. This is important because not all body shops know to take this step, but here...

The REAL Difference Between OEM Parts VS Aftermarket Parts

What is the real difference between repair parts? Aren’t they all the same when it comes to car repair? The answer is no, and we’re here to let North Carolina drivers like you know exactly what the difference is between OEM and Aftermarket parts.