It May Take Longer To Fix Your Car In Statesville After The Coronavirus.

Chances are if you are reading this, we might have your car in the shop, and you are probably worried because you need it. In uncertain times it can be scary to not have access to your personal transportation. It’s never a convenient time to get into an accident, but...

What’s The Difference Between Sectioning And Partial Replacement On My Statesville Auto Body Estimate?

If you look at a collision repair estimate today you may see as many as 4,000 lines if its written accurately. This is way different than the past where estimates were a simple “remove, repair, replace, paint". To further complicate things is if you are comparing an estimate from a OEM Certified auto...

How To Compare North Carolina Autobody Repair Estimates And Determine Who Knows How To Fix Your Car Properly

We’re here to tell North Carolina drivers the difference between repair estimates so you feel more confident in where you choose to get your car repaired.

What Does ADAS Calibration Mean On My Estimate?

Here at Statesville Collision Center, we know that an ADAS calibration means much more than making sure all the sensors in your vehicle are installed. It takes skill, the right equipment, and specialized knowledge to perform an ADAS calibration.