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We will return your car as safe as the day it was built.

Your car was designed to keep you safe in a collision, and thankfully,  it did its job. Let’s put it back together to keep you safe once more. We realize that cars can be repaired, but people can’t.That’s why we provide the safest, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) correct repairs and we are the highest rated certified auto body repair shop in Statesville, North Carolina.

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What you don't know...

But Need To Know About Collision Repair

No laws are forcing a shop to fix your car a certain way, and it is up to the technician to decide. Some shops cut corners to turn cars out faster. This is only one of many collision repair facts you might not know.
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Three Solid Reasons To Choose Statesville Collision:

OEM Certified

Your car is fixed the way the manufacturer recommends, not the way the insurance company dictates.

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee our auto body work
for the rest of the life of the vehicle.

No Aftermarket Parts

We refused to use anything other than parts direct from the manufacturer.

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Why You Should Care About OEM Certifications.

Statesville Collision Center

Our Certifications

The Certified Collision Repair programs for the Manufacturers is very selective when choosing collision facilities. That’s why we are proud to be Statesville, NC’s Certified Collision Center. We take pride in offering the safest, highest quality collision repairs available through our network partners. We are a ProFirst Acura and Honda Certified Repair Facility. We have the training and tools to be part of the Nissan Certified Repair Network with includes being part of the Infiniti Certified Repair Network. As part of the FCA Certification process we are a Chrysler Certified Repair Center. The GM Certified Repair Network  and the Ford Certified Repair Program are both individual to those brands and require specific training and tools.

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